Hack Together

Together Boston and General Assembly present Hack Together, a 24 hour hack-a-thon that brings together engineers, artists, and creatives to create a cool work of technological art.

It happens on Friday, May 9 in Boston, Massachusetts.  Who knows what craziness they will come up with this year!



In light of our etsy field trip to WAMU, Gumroad is a content distribution website that allow digital artists to easily sell their works.  Check them out!

They also have a quite prolific blog that offers interviews and advice from digital artists selling in their marketplace.

COMMUNIKEY Festival and the International Cities of Advanced Sound

The International Cities of Advanced Sound is a network of international electronic music festivals that “aims to spark dialogue, knowledge exchange and mutual support amongst international organizations engaged with experimental sound cultures.”  They help support 23 festivals world wide, with 3 in the United States.  The Communikey (CKMY) Festival, one of these three, begins on 4/10 in Boulder, Colorado.

With an impressive line up of events and an even more impressive list of sponsors, the non profit organization that runs the Communikey Festival uses some wonderful language to explain being a non profit that supports electronic music.  Their mission boasts that they “facilitate forward thinking cultural experiences that emphasize the intersection of sound, design and technology in artistic forms.” Just…. wow.



The Record Company

The Record Company is a non-profit recording studio based in Boston, MA.  One of the first commercially viable recording studios to operate as a nonprofit in the country, they offer professional audio recording services while serving as an educational institution to the local youth community.

This interview with founder Matt McArthur explores the benefits and challenges of setting up a recording studio as a non-profit.   My project for this class has a similar business model, it is nice to find a working example out in the field.


Patreon is a new crowdfunding concept co-founded by YouTube creator Jack Conte.  The service went live in May of 2013, and continues to grow and gain in popularity.  Users are divided into creators and patrons, with patrons pledging  a monthly amount or on a work by work basis to the creators of their choice.  They serve an online based community that creates a steady stream of output mostly in the form of online video content, and includes webcomic creators, visual artists, musicians, and bloggers among its users.  By subscribing to the Patreon model, creators can generate 20x more revenue than they could from youtube ad-revenue alone.   Asking its users to donate small amounts on a regular basis, as opposed to one large lump sum, is proving to be an effective crowdfunding tactic, as Patreon, in its year and a half of existence, has over 30,000 unique users and almost 10,000 creators using the service.

Huffington Post

The very strange webcomic that led me to Patreon: Scenes from a Multiverse


Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson now gives Keynote Address at International Entrepreneurial Conferences

Bruce Dickinson is the vocalist and frontman of one of heavy metals greatest acts: Iron Maiden.  At the same time he is a certified charter pilot and is investing in his own airline startup, Cardiff Aviation.  He has recently been touring not with guitars and groupies, but with suits and ties delivering keynote speeches at numerous entrepreneurial conferences world wide. He now focuses much of his time speaking on how to be a successful entrepreneur and how the business of being the front man for one of most well known metal bands of all time has brought him success in the corporate world.

This is is a quick clip from a conference in Stockholm from March 2013

Battle rages in EVE Online

Over $160,000 worth of virtual pixels have been lost today in one the largest battles seen in space commerce based MMO EVE Online.

Read about it here and here….. any of that make sense? Mind Bogglingly Huge outer space battles all created and overseen by Reykjavik, Iceland based CCP Games.

Honestly I just wanted to post about space ships.

“The Langauge that Gets People to Give; Phrases that predict Success on Kickstarter

In this recent paper presented at the 17th ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing, Researchers at Georgia Tech have identified language trends that can help predict success in Kickstarter startups.

After studying over 45,000 Kickstarter campaigns, the team led by Assistant Professor Eric Gilbert and doctoral candidate Tanushree Mitra have identified dozens of phrases that can help guarantee Kickstarter success, including several phrases shown to be part of unsuccessful campaigns across the board.