Venturous Theater Fund

NEA doesn’t fund individual works? No problem. There’s Venturuous Theater Fund, supports innovative approaches to theatrical production by encouraging theater-makers to take risks in the creation of new work for the stage. How about that? A funder that ENCOURAGES risk-taking. They want to GIVE ARTISTS MONEY DIRECTLY.

At least that’s what they say at first. Then there’s a little one liner that says they can’t actually give money directly to individual artists. Also they don’t accept unsolicited work. And your organization has to be tax-exempt or fiscally sponsored by a tax-exempt organization to qualify. They’re run through/facilitated by the Tides Foundation, which actively promotes change toward a healthy society, one which is founded on principles of social justice, broadly shared economic opportunity, a robust democratic process, and sustainable environmental practices. Basically, they offer a range of services, including grant facilitation for foundations doing the kind of work they want to promote.

So, this answers a question I’ve had for a while, which is how do organizations like Woolly Mammoth support new play development beyond grants from the National New Play Network. That’s good. They’re guidelines seem restrictive, but not unusually so. But now I have additional questions, like where does the money come for this? Who’s the backer?