Sharing is Caring, and that’s what arts organizations should do.

Based in Chicago, IL, founder Julia Rhodes launched Creative Partners as a mechanism for allowing several arts organizations to maximize the return on their resources.

Creative Partners is comprised of three well known Chicago arts organizations – eighth blackbird (music), Lucky Plush Productions (dance), and Blair Thomas & Company (theatre). Together, the partners share the cost of their professional fundraising infrastructure and a two person development team while splitting overhead costs.

By sharing this “pooled resource” each organization is able to access development resources that they could not afford solo. Furthermore, the two development employees receive the benefits of full time employment, rather than having to endure the stress of cobbling together a work week from three different part time jobs.

The three companies also present their work together, sharing the cost of space rental and production expenses.

Recently featured in APAP’s InsideArts magazine and a recipient of Fractured Atlas’ Arts Entrepreneurship Award, Creative Partners’ work is living proof that this shared resource model is a win for artists and administrators alike!