Urban ReThink and also Florida Creatives

I feel as though we may have talked about this in class, but perhaps we didn’t since this place is now closed for the moment. Urban ReThink is (or was) a coworking space in Orlando, Florida that seems to have derived from the community space and environment of the former and independently owned, Urban Think! Bookstore. The details are fuzzy, but it appears that Urban ReThink was once a program of the 501(c)3, Urban Think! Foundation, before it became an independent entity.

Urban ReThink was operating independently in a location from 2011 until it lost its space in 2013. The founder, Darren McDaniel, is highly dedicated to the city and its creative community. He also created a business plan for the Creative Consortium of Metro Orlando and I’m pretty sure he started this very cool forum called Florida Creatives.

Florida Creatives

Florida Creatives is a website that encourages creative folks to begin local groups to network, share ideas, and collaborate in-person. To generate further virtual and face-to-face connectivity, each group’s information is hosted on the Florida Creatives website.

Neither of these entities seem to be formalized organizations. They appear to be (and have been) motivated by artists and creative folks dedicated to creating a local identity. Great stuff.