Designmatters is a program through the Art Center College of Design that challenges artists and designers to redefine and expand their roles into one that allows them to become a catalyst for social change and innovation.

Through this initiative, local, national, and global issues are taken head-on through the use of art and design. They serve as an accelerator space for the students at the Center to partner with non-profits around the globe and create innovative solutions in four key areas: sustainable development, public policy, global healthcare, and social entrepreneurship.

One of their amazing recent projects partnered with Safe Agua in a variety of Latin American countries to collaborate with families that lived there in designing innovative technical solutions that would help them overcome community water poverty issues. The result was safe, portable electrical heating units that heat water efficiently for showers to save time and effort boiling water and a portable washer and spin dryer for clothes powered by stomping your foot on a pedal to increase cleanliness, health, and the durability/life of clothing.

Their method is community oriented and collaborative and the results are amazing!