Patatap by Google


Laptop as an instrument? Learning synesthesia? Thats the hope of Google’s new keyboard symphony program called Patatap.  The interesting experiment here will be to see if colors, letters, and symbols can offer more than reading music can –and might it contribute to perfect pitch? Each letter of the alphabet gets mapped to a unique sound and a playful animation. Holding down a key plays both the sound and the accompanying visual on repeat; smashing several at once layers everything into more complex soundscapes. When you’re getting bored with one set of sounds, you can tap the space bar to pull up a new collection to jam with.  Produced by Google, they make money from this enterprise by selling your preferences and by promoting their own google “chrome” browser within their app, which leads to advertising revenue.  In the future, they’re looking to make a more expansive subscription model of the program which they will make direct revenue from.