A Two-fer of Revolutionary Theater: Cry You One and Mondo Bizarro

Cry You One is a grant-funded project that shares stories of people affected by the various environmental issues around the Gulf Coast (BP oil spill, shrinking coastline, climate change, e.g.). It exists as both a physical, site-specific performance as well as an online platform. The project is a partnership between two New Orleans-based theater groups: Mondo Bizarro (see below) and Art Spot Productions. The website is elegant and easy to navigate. They are motivated by making great art, but also building a movement. It’s a really nice intersection of art and social change (my fav!). Here’s a quote about process from an article on the blog for Antigravity Magazine: “To collect these stories, ensemble members have engaged in a process of deep listening around the state, casting a wide net for subjects ranging from scientists and environmentalists to fishermen, tomato farmers, community organizers and even the former chief of the United Houma Nation.”


Mondo Bizarro is a theater collective doing fabulous work in New Orleans. Their website does not give any information about sponsors (they don’t have a donation option either) and to the best of my knowledge, they are not a 501(c)3. I believe they generate most of their income from grants for specific projects, while also offering educational and documentation services to a broad range of clients. I first got to know them through a class I took with Junebug Productions at Tulane about community-based art. Each member of the ensemble is an independent artist with their own body of work/research, but they seem to work together in a really transparent, collaborative way that results in thoughtful, high-quality performance.