Hey guys, let’s Gathr.

Gathr is a theatrical on demand service that allows you to bring movies you want to a venue in your village, town, suburb, or city. The goal is to unite movie lovers with films they want to see, in their neighborhood. The catch is, screenings can only happen if a minimum number of people reserve tickets before a screening request expires (this is to ensure that the costs for the venue will be covered through ticket sales – i.e. you are not the only one watching the film!)

It costs nothing for filmmakers to place their films on the site – they only have to do their own outreach, so that people know they can access the film. Extremely low risk, for everyone involved. Once ticket sales exceed the necessary reservation number to make the screening occur, Gathr gets 30% of those additional profits, and the rest go to the filmmakers.

So if there is a film you want to see, tell everyone and make it happen.

My shameless plug here is that I discovered this cool service through a friend, whose film is currently on the site – Roaming Wild. Check it out.

Also, meet Gathr’s sister site: Tugg. It’s practically the same thing.