Thunderclap works as what it calls a “Crowdspeaking” platform. Beginning as a way to get messages heard through all the noise of social media, thunderclap allows you to amplify your message on social media platforms about causes you care about.

First, you create the message you want to spread, select how many followers you want to back your cause and by what time. When you reach your goal the message automatically thunderclaps across all of your backer’s social media platforms all at the same time, reaching all of their contacts as well.

Thunderclap also provides you with analytics allowing you to use the backer’s information to further the cause and speak out.

The idea has been most notably used for causes such as gay rights, gun violence (this one by the white house – the first thunderclap!), and global warming, but can also be used to market ideas about new products or services in order to understand what the audience might want.

“It’s not in the size of your social network but in the size of your idea.”