Needs for Sale

Needs for Sale was started in 2007 by artists Christine & Justin Gignac as a way to inspire others to help charities with the incentive of art.

Christine and Justin create paintings that represent a need they would like to fill. For example, the cost for a painting of a fully loaded dinner plate, titled “A Good Meal” is $100. When the painting is purchased, the couple makes a $100 donation to the New York City Food Bank, as advertised on the Needs for Sale webpage.

Other paintings include a spiral ham (your purchase donates $100 to City Harvest) or a shiny toilet (your purchase donates $100 to Habitat for Humanity).

All paintings are 12″ x 12″, and offer buyers a fun, literal way to support a good cause through the purchase of art.

For those who are less altruistic, you can visit Wants for Sale, the Gignac’s sister website, where you can purchase a painting of something the Gignacs want for the exact price of that item. Current wants include Clean Underwear ($12.50), Gamblin’ Money ($200.00), A Night We Wont Remember ($100 – either they lowballed this figure, or they are definitely getting a hangover they will remember) and To Hear A Good Joke (free – think fast to score a free painting!)

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  1. This is amazing! Thanks for sharing Heather. I really like the idea, but I am really curious about how overhead and the cost to make the artwork is figured in, if at all.

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