PlayWorks is Changing the Recess Concept in Elementary School

Playworks is a social enterprise that seeks to leverage the time schools spend on recess and turn it into fun and active learning. In many cases, the arts are integral in Playworks’ strategy to get everyone included and participating together.

In reality, we know recess can turn even the nicest of kids into little monsters, and behavior problems are particularly acute in poorer school districts. Playworks remakes play time in 318 elementary schools by providing them with a full-time “coach” who organizes games and other structured activities during recess and afterschool programs. The schools pay $25,500 for each coach, many of whom are members of the AmeriCorps federal service program. Nearly 130,000 kids have access to a Playworks coach. 

Managing partnerships and working within the current infrastructure of schools seems to be a huge success factor for this startup social enterprise.


3 thoughts on “PlayWorks is Changing the Recess Concept in Elementary School

  1. Great to see you’ve come across Playworks in your coursework. Jill Vialet, Playworks CEO and Founder, is highly interested in the arts. She also previously started an arts program called MOCHA in Oakland, CA elementary schools.

    You may enjoy see Jill Vialet speak. Here’s one talk she did at TEDxSF:

    • Beth – it looks like Marie Longo, your Director of Development, is an alumni of our AU Arts Management program! We’d love to connect with her and find out more about her trajectory towards this position at Playworks.

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