StoryNexus – a platform for choosing adventure

Story Nexus is an online platform developed by gaming company Failbetter Games that allows users to create their own interactive online Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style narratives. Narratives created through the platform can then be shared and played by other users. This platform has not only served as an incubator for writers and game designers, but has fueled new, profitable partnerships, most notably a collaboration with Random House publishing company to fully produce Black Crownan interactive narrative experience that has spawned an evolving online game and a series of e-books.

Random House makes a profit from the book through gamer’s purchase NEX, an in-game currency that can be purchased to circumvent wait times and unlock additional content and through the e-books, which give readers additional backstory about the world.

Developing new business models that find innovative ways to connect audiences with narratives in both real and imagined worlds can be of interest to the theatre community as well – perhaps the StoryNexus model can be applied to the way we present and produce our own works on stage.

To learn more about StoryNexus, check out this video.