Thrill Mill

The main focus of this 501c3 is innovation. Launched in January of 2013 and located in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, Thrill Mill has gained financial support from major corporations interested in startup enterprises like Google. Not bad for what started off as a young group of entrepreneurs hosting barbecue and beer parties to raise money for business ventures. The organization’s three main programs include a business competition called the Business Bout, a multi-industry incubator known as the Hustle Den, and an innovation showcase and music festival that combines thrive and revival to get the Thrival Innovation + Music Festival.

Here’s how it works. Enterprise ideas are submitted through the Business Bout, and winners are accepted into the Hustle Den incubator where they receive one year’s free rent and agree to give Thrill Mill 5% of their company. The music festival raises funding for the Business Bout ($25,000 last year) and donors like the RK Mellon Foundation, the URA and some anonymous contributors keep the organization running with donations that totaled $1.3 million in their first year.

This article has more on the young CEO, Bobby Zappala, and Thrill Mill.