Queer Artist Mentorship Program

The Queer/Art/Mentorship program (QAM), located in New York City, had its inaugural year in 2011. It was given life by a queer art film series shown monthly in Manhattan. Mentors from various visual art, performing art, film, and literary disciplines and  are selected by invitation. Fellows are chosen for the year-long program based on submitted project proposals and, if selected, meet with mentors on a  monthly basis at a minimum. To foster greater artistic growth and interaction, the entire group meets three times throughout the year to share ideas. The structure of the organization is unclear from the website, but I’m assuming that it is volunteer led.

QAM captured my attention because it has combined elements of my (presently fictional) music mentorship program for Financial Management and the queer arts festival that I am working on with a friend that will soon come to fruition.