20×200…Good Vision?

After a year hiatus, the website known for selling affordable, framed (or un-framed) art to collectors is back online…sort of. The popular website 20×200 was founded in 2007 by Jen Beckman and became regarded as the leader of the “online art scene”, producing more than 200,000 prints for over 200 artists. According to closely affiliated sources, as result of internal communication issues and late payments to artists and printers, despite the anticipation of turning a profit in 2013 ( with a revenue of $15 million), the site went dark for the majority of the year. However, the site is back up but operating under the splash page : http://www.youshouldbyart.com . Deeper analysis of the situation serves as a great case study into some “dos and don’ts ” of internet art enterprises. http://www.youshouldbuyart.com