Patreon is a new crowdfunding concept co-founded by YouTube creator Jack Conte.  The service went live in May of 2013, and continues to grow and gain in popularity.  Users are divided into creators and patrons, with patrons pledging  a monthly amount or on a work by work basis to the creators of their choice.  They serve an online based community that creates a steady stream of output mostly in the form of online video content, and includes webcomic creators, visual artists, musicians, and bloggers among its users.  By subscribing to the Patreon model, creators can generate 20x more revenue than they could from youtube ad-revenue alone.   Asking its users to donate small amounts on a regular basis, as opposed to one large lump sum, is proving to be an effective crowdfunding tactic, as Patreon, in its year and a half of existence, has over 30,000 unique users and almost 10,000 creators using the service.

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The very strange webcomic that led me to Patreon: Scenes from a Multiverse