Event Farm DC. A New Way to Manage Ticketed Events.


Event Farm DC is shifting how a lot of managers are thinking about affordable CRM and ticketing software.  Named by Forbes as one of the most innovative companies of 2013, Event Farm came from the founder’s own frustrations with the ticketing process. The team developed a prototype software to help keep their sanity on event days.  They discussed that if it was useful them, it might be an opportunity to create a business while helping others avoid event stress too. 

Whats different about Event Farm:

  • No templates. You translate your custom branding directly through your email invitation.  Think of EventBrite without all of the clutter and added personalization with your companies own design elements.
  • You can create unique invitations for types of guests. VIP, Band Member, Friends and Family, Etc.
  • Track RSVPS. Log into their event dashboard to track RSVP’s, see if your guests have opened the invite and even re-send invitations to unconfirmed guests. Track email deliverability, bounce backs and monitor if your invites are getting to your guests.
  • Measure your success: who confirmed, who showed up and send the follow-up email from the dashboard
  •  Processes payment and allow you to take up to 75% of your ticket $ prior to the event so that you can pay your vendors.
  • Avoid printed spreadsheets. You can check guests in through their app or guests that have prepaid can check themselves in (think airline) No barcodes and absolutely no QR codes.