Redmoon Spectacles for Hire

Redmoon Theatre in Chicago, IL makes use of show props and set pieces through “Redmoon for Hire“, an arm of their organization that rents out “Food Service Performance Devices, Characters, Atmosphere, and Spectacle Moments” for public and private events. This program allows Redmoon to leverage production costs and their staff’s creative talents by finding new uses for set pieces after their role in an ephemeral performance has ended.

Whether you would like appetizers served on floating wooden trays, glasses of wine delivered by bicycle, a roving drum cart or your very own Bombastic Momentary Opera, Redmoon provides the citizens of Chicago with incomparably imaginative moments that make a special event dramatically unique. You can select from their catalog of items, or work with the company to commission your own experience.

Although I do not know what percentage of their current annual income comes from rental events, I do think that Redmoon for Hire (which has expanded greatly over the past three years) provides the theatre with a source of revenue at a very low cost, and allows the theatre to build relationships with customers who  appreciate their creative talents but may not attend performances.