Reliable Income — Monthly Subscription Box from Handpicked Artists

For those of us who suffer from decision fatigue or perhaps just like a surprise now and then, there is the Art Box.  The company “Art in a Box” is like many other subscription box models I’m sure you’ve seen, except this one takes an inventory of your preference in aesthetics by asking you to provide them with appealing adjectives.  While “Art in a Box” is specifically by San Francisco Bay Area artists, there is potential to create similar models in other areas.  From brief research, the overall concept seems to work best at localized level where people can directly support their own artists within a community.  For $50 a month, you receive one of a kind work of art that you can keep.  Not only is this model beneficial for subscribers, but it is also reliable income for artists!

Here’s what people are saying:

“For the person with revolving wall decor, Art in a Box is the perfect monthly fix.”  -Elle

“Not only is it an aesthetically pleasing gift, but the recipient can also know that he or she is contributing to a nationwide community of aspiring artists”  -Cosmopolitan

“I wish someone would buy me this!!” -Carla Marie for Elvis Duran’s ‘What’s Trending?’

“Have a lot of blank walls screaming for something original and unique? Art in a Box will send an original work of art to you monthly.”  -Entrepreneur

“I highly recommend Art in a Box to people just starting their art collections, fiends who can’t get enough, and anyone who’s ever wanted to kick up the rush of opening a blind box to a whole new level.”
-Daniel Rolnik, Arcot & Ochre

“Community-Supported Artwork: Art in a Box…The New CSA…The point is to support local artists, and to enjoy the surprise and wonder of receiving new works regularly.”
-Apartment Therapy

“The best thing to happen to a box since Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg” (Voted Best Art-Collector’s Resource in 7×7′s Best of San Francisco 2010)

“You’ll want to check out Art in a Box”
-House Beautiful

“creative entrepreneurs”
-Inc. Magazine

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