– serving up software for nonprofits

If you work for nonprofit that is in need of a software upgrade, I recommend you check out

TechSoup is a “technology product philanthropy service” that connects nonprofits with free and discounted technological products and services. Nonprofit organizations and libraries can register with TechSoup to gain access to products and services donated by partners like Microsoft, Adobe, Cisco, Intuit, and Symantec. provides corporations with a quick and easy way to make a large social impact with minimal time commitment. Through their work, nonprofits are able to obtain a variety of products for free or at a greatly reduced fee, and software donors are able to pass off their product donation programs to a third party who supplies them with up-to-date records about the impact of their donations.

Since the launch of its donation program in January 2002, TechSoup has registered and qualified more than 167,000 nonprofit organizations around the globe. It has saved the sector worldwide over $2.9 billion in IT expenses. is part of a larger umbrella organization, TechSoup Global, that works with an international network of NGOs to provide tech resources and services to over 200,000 nonprofit organization in 58 countries worldwide. They currently support a staff of over 200 employees and in 2012, boasted revenues of over $30 million, which covered all of their operating expenses and allows the company to continue expanding their services and developing new ventures.