Reliable Income — Monthly Subscription Box from Handpicked Artists

For those of us who suffer from decision fatigue or perhaps just like a surprise now and then, there is the Art Box.  The company “Art in a Box” is like many other subscription box models I’m sure you’ve seen, except this one takes an inventory of your preference in aesthetics by asking you to provide them with appealing adjectives.  While “Art in a Box” is specifically by San Francisco Bay Area artists, there is potential to create similar models in other areas.  From brief research, the overall concept seems to work best at localized level where people can directly support their own artists within a community.  For $50 a month, you receive one of a kind work of art that you can keep.  Not only is this model beneficial for subscribers, but it is also reliable income for artists!

Here’s what people are saying:

“For the person with revolving wall decor, Art in a Box is the perfect monthly fix.”  -Elle

“Not only is it an aesthetically pleasing gift, but the recipient can also know that he or she is contributing to a nationwide community of aspiring artists”  -Cosmopolitan

“I wish someone would buy me this!!” -Carla Marie for Elvis Duran’s ‘What’s Trending?’

“Have a lot of blank walls screaming for something original and unique? Art in a Box will send an original work of art to you monthly.”  -Entrepreneur

“I highly recommend Art in a Box to people just starting their art collections, fiends who can’t get enough, and anyone who’s ever wanted to kick up the rush of opening a blind box to a whole new level.”
-Daniel Rolnik, Arcot & Ochre

“Community-Supported Artwork: Art in a Box…The New CSA…The point is to support local artists, and to enjoy the surprise and wonder of receiving new works regularly.”
-Apartment Therapy

“The best thing to happen to a box since Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg” (Voted Best Art-Collector’s Resource in 7×7′s Best of San Francisco 2010)

“You’ll want to check out Art in a Box”
-House Beautiful

“creative entrepreneurs”
-Inc. Magazine

CREATE – Visual and Culinary Artists with a Cause

CREATE is an event in Boston that pairs culinary and visual artists together to create “edible art” for a cause. Proceeds benefit the Fort Points Arts Community, and the event seems to do a good job of bringing the community together. Here’s a link to the event page from last year.

This article features the creator of the event (scroll towards the bottom).

Battle rages in EVE Online

Over $160,000 worth of virtual pixels have been lost today in one the largest battles seen in space commerce based MMO EVE Online.

Read about it here and here….. any of that make sense? Mind Bogglingly Huge outer space battles all created and overseen by Reykjavik, Iceland based CCP Games.

Honestly I just wanted to post about space ships.

Unleash: A Wandering Journal

The United Arab Emirates is a small nation where, for various reasons, foreigners and ex-pats outnumber UAE nationals by extreme numbers. This has led to all sorts of arts a culture initiatives (from the government as well as grassroots groups) to not only preserve UAE heritage, but also to explore the diverse cultural groups that co-exist throughout the seven Emirates.

Unleash is a project started by several female artists that aims to promote creativity, originality, and freethinking among the community and to document UAE society through creative expression. 1,000 journals with 10 blank pages were created. Contributors were encouraged to express themselves in a creative way on a page and then either return the journal for further dissemination or pass it along to someone else, until the journal was full. Since their founding, these journals have covered so much ground throughout the UAE and it has turned into a fascinating historical documentation and archival project that truly encourages the community to participate and curate.

Following the end of the project, the contributions will be used to create public art and community installations – as well as an exhibition –  that will showcase the diversity of the UAE population and inspire the community.

This is mega-cool. On the Boards is a non-profit presenting company based out of Seattle with a focus on new works and emerging artists. They have a side project called, which presents on demand films of stage performances. The high-quality films are produced in-house and available pay-per-view or through a number of subscription packages (there’s a package for educational institutions too, just saying…). In addition, they live streams the performances as they film them. Great (and relatively inexpensive) way to access cutting-edge works taking place all over the world. And this is extra timely because in celebration of their 4th anniversary, they’re offering $1 streams of live performances Jan 26-29.

What is | Contemporary Performance On-Demand from on Vimeo. – serving up software for nonprofits

If you work for nonprofit that is in need of a software upgrade, I recommend you check out

TechSoup is a “technology product philanthropy service” that connects nonprofits with free and discounted technological products and services. Nonprofit organizations and libraries can register with TechSoup to gain access to products and services donated by partners like Microsoft, Adobe, Cisco, Intuit, and Symantec. provides corporations with a quick and easy way to make a large social impact with minimal time commitment. Through their work, nonprofits are able to obtain a variety of products for free or at a greatly reduced fee, and software donors are able to pass off their product donation programs to a third party who supplies them with up-to-date records about the impact of their donations.

Since the launch of its donation program in January 2002, TechSoup has registered and qualified more than 167,000 nonprofit organizations around the globe. It has saved the sector worldwide over $2.9 billion in IT expenses. is part of a larger umbrella organization, TechSoup Global, that works with an international network of NGOs to provide tech resources and services to over 200,000 nonprofit organization in 58 countries worldwide. They currently support a staff of over 200 employees and in 2012, boasted revenues of over $30 million, which covered all of their operating expenses and allows the company to continue expanding their services and developing new ventures.

A Beautiful Beauty-Art Collabo

Here is a new venture that brings together the arts world with the cosmetological industry. The Fine Arts Company has teamed up with a New York esthetician studio Healing Touch Francine’s Skin Care to sell its selection of handmade fine art, home décor, collectibles, jewelry and gifts. Working hard to bridge the gap between artists and collectors, The Fine Arts Company offers quality art at affordable prices to the the shop’s patrons. The Fines Arts Company is locally based with their own store in Hagerstown, MD, in addition to hosting “paint parties.”

Read more:

Lounging for Your Dog

I recently learned of a fairly new business venture one of my friends and her husband were using. DogVacay is a website based on the Airbnb website which provides space for individuals to offer up their home services to travelers as a bed and breakfast. DogVacay provides a similar service for dog owners, matching them with temporary caretakers and lodging for their pets. Over the past year, the site has grown in popularity as more people have sought out less crowded, more affordable alternative dog boarding options. My friend has hosted several dogs on a fairly regular basis and also takes advantage of the website to find housing for her Labrador. The site retains 15% of what the hosts’ charges and has approximately 11,000 hosts registered with the service.

Pink Line Project Poster

Curating the social life of the cultural sector: The Pink Line Project

Chances are, you’ve heard about Philippa Hughes’ Pink Line Project. It started with an online calendar of cultural events and developed into a nexus of curation, event production, networking, and collaboration within the DC (and regional) art scene. Hughes was very well connected to artists and members of the cultural sector, and saw an opportunity to create space, both virtual and physical, for people doing cutting-edge, creative, and often disparate activities around art to come together and make new cool stuff. I imagine she must have slowly built an investor based over time, but she has always made use of abandoned spaces and other over-looked resources in her endeavors. She relies heavily on interns, for example, and consistently works with a broad set of stakeholders, not just because it spreads the work around, but because that is the fundamental premise of the organization.

Most recently, Pink Line Project is transitioning away from event production as Hughes refocuses on her writing, making use of her online notoriety to reach a largely virtual audience. Because she is the sole proprietor and founder, she can adapt her business to suit her interests as well as the demands of the DC art/culture sector.

“The Langauge that Gets People to Give; Phrases that predict Success on Kickstarter

In this recent paper presented at the 17th ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing, Researchers at Georgia Tech have identified language trends that can help predict success in Kickstarter startups.

After studying over 45,000 Kickstarter campaigns, the team led by Assistant Professor Eric Gilbert and doctoral candidate Tanushree Mitra have identified dozens of phrases that can help guarantee Kickstarter success, including several phrases shown to be part of unsuccessful campaigns across the board.